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Premium Gas Hob | Black Gold Series | Model: B520 | 90cm | Copper Burners

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Large area Black Tempered Glass, Black Enamel Catch Pan, Black Cast Iron Pot Holder and Golden Copper Stove Top

High Power Flame 4.7kwh 
Perfect for Searing meat without over-cooking or Stir Frying Meat and Vegetables.

Low Power Flame 1.0kwh
Perfect for slow cooking and simmering.

Evenly Distributed Flame | Four Outlet Channel
Bottom of the pan is heated evenly to prevent food sticking in one area of the pan.

Brass Burners
Brass features a high melting point and outperforms in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation.

Explosion Proof Black Tamped Glass Surface
Galvanized tempered glass. 
Withstands high temperature and corrosion.  Very easy to clean. 

Flame Failure Device
Burner switches off automatically if it notices overflow of boiled liquid.

Width:  90cm

Burner Heat Flow: 4.7kwh, 2.9kwh, 2kwh, 2kwh, 1kwh

Installation Size:  825 X 475 mm

Free Installation with Delivery

Warranty: 3 years



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