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Premium Gas Hob | Model: B582 | Width: 90cm

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Outer Fire Is Changed To Central Fire For More Concentrated Fire
*Maximum firing diameter, directly heat key part (Innovative 100mm golden ratio diameter).
*Original double-channel and oxygen-replenishing slot to supply oxygen to the maximum extent.
*Double-angle fire slots pilot a new era of cooking life.
*Concentrated fire, high efficient and energy-saving combustion, delicious food at hand.
*Stir-frying or slow fire, multiple levels of fire are up to your choice.

*900mm oversize panel of tempered glasses, huge operation space, magnificent and extraordinary.
*Glass panel, smooth and clean surface, shine as new by wiping.
*Runway-type knob, 180° flexible regulation, smooth operation.
*Stainless Steel cleanable tray, cleanable by wiping.
*Integrated cast iron pan holder, anti-corrosion and non-deformable


  • Innovative i-Flame technology
  • Unique 0-second ignition technology ensures a 100% success rate.
  • Heat Flow: 4.5kW x 1 | 2.3kW x 2 | 1.8kW x 2
  • Very High End Copper Burner
  • Matte Alloy Knobs
  • 90cm width
  • Free installation with delivery
  • Warranty: 3 years

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