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Range Hood | Model: A815 | 90cm | Airflow: 1140 m3/hr | Pressure: 340 Pa | Noise: < 58dB

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Process of exhausting fumes and steam from above a cooker is dependent on three factors:

  1. Airflow
    This is the speed with which the air is collected and exits the range hood.
    We use the unit cubic meter per hour (m3/hr) to measure airflow.

  2. Static Pressure
    This is the pressure that the motor generates to force the collected air out of the pipe all the way to the exit. 
    It is this pressure that ensures that air flows freely and there is no smell left in the kitchen.
    We use the unit "Pascals" (Pa) to measure pressure.

  3. Air Filteration (Separation of oil/grease)
    The oil in the collected air has to be separated from the air effectively.
    This is a must to ensure that the air is able to pass freely inside the cavity of the range hood and then through the pipe towards the exit.



        • Airflow:  1140 m3/hr
        • Max Static Pressure:  340 Pa (suitable if the air exit is 2meters away from hood)
        • Filters over 90% of oil and fumes
        • Noise:  ≤ 58dB
        • Collects over 90% of grease in washable cup
        • Inner Cavity coated with special coatings that detaches oil and fume
        • 90 cm width
        • Dual Core Absorber 3.0 System
        • One Button Quick-fry Function to Rise to the Wind Volume Instantly
        • 360 Tornado Smoke Suction
        • Wide Angle and Deep Cavity
        • Free Delivery and Installation
        • Warranty:  3 years

        • This product is sufficient for ensuring no smell of cooking at home, provided the exit for the air is on the same wall on which the product is installed.

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